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Ibiza Yoga vacation terrace

NEW from 2009: In the winter 2008-2009 we have created an Ibiza Yoga vacation 5th terrace, an outside recreation area for the whole family. This terrace has as well a wonderful sea view. It is surrounded by the rock-garden and has sand from the beach as base. Sun dappled shade from the tree in the middle, ideal for relaxing with a book or sunbathing with a natural filter on those very hot days. This new terrace is as well perfect to awaken your mind, body and spirit by practicing yoga on the beach sand.

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Have you ever returned from a vacation saying "I need a vacation"?

You need an escape from life's pressures?

And have enough of the overrun beaches (like Sant-Antonio and Playa den Bossa), the tiresome tourist traps, the frazzled feeling that comes from fitting too much "activity" into your precious little time off.
What you really want this year as vacation, you've decided, is not recreation, but re-creation, extending the peace, serenity, and sense of well-being.

So isn't it then time you took the whole of you on vacation - your soul, mind, body and spirit?

Welcome to My Ibiza Villa, a peaceful place high on the San Vicente hill that will give you the fun and adventure you are looking for and at the same time revitalize you, restoring your optimum vitality with practising yoga in the morning on the Ibiza yoga vacation terrace.
Experience new dimensions of yourself. This is the perfect environment to get yourself "tuned-up" for not only the coming months, but for the rest of the year.
Discover your optimum vitality. A place to come "home", to a relaxed place within ourselves, to turn the attention inward for a moment.
This Yoga vacation terrace is a place created to relax and reduce the stress in your life, reading a book in the deck-chair, or taking a nap on the chill-out bed.

Awaken your mind, body and spirit by practicing yoga on beach sand and let the reddish light of the sunrise shine on your face.

Become one with nature and re-discover your connection to the intricate web of life.
On the background you will hear the sounds of the waves crashing on the shores, as you engage in deep relaxation, by your breathing exercises, meditation and yoga postures. Experience an unique Ibiza Yoga vacation, an opportunity to develop positive, radiant health and inner peace, through the practice of the ancient yoga techniques for balanced living on this Ibiza yoga vacation terrace.

It proved a perfect combination: after a morning of yoga followed by brunch on the upper terrace with unlimited sea views, nothing seemed more appealing than a trip to the beach.

Ibiza has loads of energy because it has so many ley lines running beneath it and it has Scorpio as horoscope. That's why people don't sleep here, why it's known for clubbing and why it's a great place for yoga too.

Peaceful Ibiza sunrise Filmed on 14 November 2009 from the Ibiza Yoga vacation terrace.

If you listen with stereo headphones on maximum volume, you will hear nature coming to life on this Ibiza sunrise.
You will hear the seagulls and the birds singing .
From the far distance a fishing boat is slowly coming closer. At sunrise the Ibicenco fishermen sail to the deeper waters around the Island Ibiza. At this time of the day they will not be disturbed by tourist boats.
Listen to the soothing sounds that nature produces in the early hours at an Ibiza sunrise and you will feel a deep relaxation. The relaxation you are looking for on a holiday.

Your villa in Ibiza has 5 terraces on different levels.

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